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DTG Fabric Print Guide

DTG Printing on fabric can vary depending on the type of fabric that you are printing on. This is important to consider when you are looking for vibrancy on your product. If you’re looking for the most opaque result, 100% cotton is your best bet! Keep in mind that the thickness of the garment will also affect the printed results. The thicker the fabric the more the cotton/material absorbs the ink. You may also notice after scrolling through the images below that some material blends, you are able to see the material through the ink. This happens by the weave of the fabric causing fibers to be more visible. The looser the weave (ie: Ringspun Cotton and Poly Blends) the more visible these fibers will be. 

100% Cotton Black - Bella canvas unisex tee 3001

50% Cotton 50% Polyester Black - Unisex Crew Neck Sweatshirt Gildan 18000
(Thicker material, therefore, the ink was absorbed)

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52% Cotton 48% Polyester Midnight Navy - Bella canvas unisex tee 3001 CVC

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60% Cotton 40% Polyester Dark Grey - Women's Racerback Tank Next Level 1533
(Poly Blend fabric results in visible fibers)

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Below is the design file used for each of the shirts along with the HEX Codes used for each color.

RGB: fdfct38 - 29fc2f - 2cfca9 - 7ff8f9 - 0b24f9 - 903dfb - fc28fb - fb282f - fc0100
CMYK: f2e736 - 6fb94d - 74c093 - 76cbd8 - 3c559f - 765ba0 - b5549d - db3334 - e4231f

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Close up of fibers showing through on a Ringspun Cotton tee:

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If you have additional questions pertaining to DTG printing feel free to reach out to our customer support team at

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